Sparky dating facebook

05-Jan-2018 16:11

Stories are always best with a happy ending especially when they involve one of our canine friends. A dog is back home safely in the arms of his owner after being rescued from a canal by a Mesa police officer Tuesday.

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Bryan Yeager spotted Sparky in the canal near the Oakland A's spring training stadium.

She was an immensely charming, adorable, unforgettable kid, with an absolutely winning personality; a smart, sassy, sparky, kind, talented, cheery, cheeky, funny, bubbly girl.

Zuckerberg meets with conservatives“Facebook's trending news controversy hasn't let up, even after conservatives met with Mark Zuckerberg The world's largest social network is still biased, they say, even if that bias sometimes happens unconsciously.” (Recode) S. Cupp, a columnist and CNN pundit, “said Facebook executives 'were very clear to acknowledge that there is a problem and the problem is a serious one.'” (The Associated Press) She said Zuckerberg, Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, Vice President Joel Kaplan and board member Peter Thiel“mostly listened to the 17 conservatives who attended.”She started with me Megyn Kelly last evening went after several journalists for negative takes on her Tuesday night Donald Trump interview on the Fox broadcast network.

Sparky jumped into the canal and quickly drifted downstream.

John feared he may never see his buddy again, according to Mesa police.

I implore to every college sports fan, every student, graduate, anyone from the Phoenix area: Is there a cooler mascot than Sparky and the Arizona State Sun Devils? Sparky's awesomeness quotient leaves fans kneeling at the alter of maroon and gold.

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