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Growing up, I was tested by audiologists like a billion times. I still live in Long Island - about 45 minutes from the city. Was that in response to the fact that i couldn't hear anything? Do you ever try to think about things that might of happened to you to give you this condition or maybe your gene pool?I had to raise my hand every time I heard a beep or a tone and they record in down on a chart. It can be isolating at times in that nobody understands what it's like, that I didn't have anybody to talk to in my family. Was there ever a time in your life that these kinds of thoughts occupied your time a lot?His wife is deaf, he told me, and they keep in touch via Face Time.Skype also has an app that allows the deaf to converse with a hearing person who does not know sign."We will be assisting Punjab police to probe Pathan's links in Gujarat," he said.The other day I was sitting in my neighborhood Starbucks surrounded by the chatter of conversation and people hunched over their laptops or newspapers.

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How Pathan reached Ambala from Rajkot is still a mystery to the cops.Skype allows sign-language users to communicate in a way that never before was possible. Get discounts on hearing aids and more with your AARP Member Advantage » Recently I was dropping off some clothing at the Goodwill truck in my neighborhood.When I pulled up, I saw the driver in the back of the truck, his smartphone in one hand and the other motioning with a one-handed version of sign language.Gujarat cops are flummoxed by the first case of a deaf and dumb person apprehended for allegedly being an ISI agent.

State ATS sources said Aslam Pathan, who was recently arrested by Ambala police in Punjab with photographs of him offering namaz against the backdrop of Jamnagar air base, is deaf and dumb and used to beg in Rajkot till December 2015.

She was having an exuberant conversation — in sign language.