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(The Fire Nation is promptly represented in the form of a camera crew shining studio lights in front of the Hollywood Sign, with the hill washed in a red filter) Only the "Avid Jerk", master of ripping films apart, could restore balance. Katara (movie) (vo): My brother and I live in the Southern Water Tribe, which was once a big city. Katara (movie) (vo): Our father's off fighting in the war. (The Avid Jerk is Doug standing on the pointy top of a mountain, yelling gibberish and kicking up rocks and fire with each stomp of his foot) But when the world needed him most, he vanished. Avatar is one of the greatest TV series of all time! Now you're ready to review the Fuck-up Lord's disaster opus. (turns to the camera) Just because I know about it doesn't mean the people at home know about it. My mother was taken prisoner and killed when I was young. But did anybody give these little pipsqueaks some direction? Did they confuse "funny and inventive" with "constipatedly angry all the time"? (in normal voice) Zuko and his uncle Iroh give Aang a test and see that all the elements gravitate towards him... The movie is reportedly a multi-genre film that will have elements of horror, comedy and action, apart from being a period drama. Also Read: Karthi’s Kashmora first look totally reminds us Baahubali’s Kalakeya!In other news, Karthi is currently shooting for Kaatru Veliyidai opposite Aditi Rao Hydari.

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A critic for the Detroit Times stated in his critique of the: “I have seen the future of films, and it is Avatar (” Critics and audiences alike were entranced by the fast paced and intense science fiction film that was released during the Thanksgiving holiday in 2009. And we all agree: It’s the characters and their development that make this show great.Six of us sat down and each made a list of our ten favorite characters.There were so many comparisons drawn to Baahubali’s Kalakeya and Kattappa.

In fact after 47 get ups, the makers froze in on three final looks. The audio list and the trailer will be out tomorrow.

Dissolve to NC facing the sky.) But I believe Nostalgia Critic can save the franchise. And I don't think taking away the snow is gonna fix that any. NC: (more fake, even louder laughter) That's so Sokka! (Movie clip is overlapped with clip of animated Sokka) Sokka (cartoon): Go back to the Fire Nation! They spend time getting to know him, warmed up to his offbeat personality, and found that they couldn't let an innocent that they've gotten to know so well be tortured by the Fire Nation. Let's make it more like that stray turtle you found on the curb of the road! But here, they just kind of blankly stare at them getting away. Well, once again, the original ingeniously tied in both backstories of Zuko and Aang together and showed that upon his discovery of being Avatar, he couldn't take the pressure and ran away, being pushed to the brink of despair and froze himself before drowning in the storm. "barrel of Miyazaki" that you could unleash with this creativity?

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