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They should have let us know what they were doing,” he said. Munson and others will have an opportunity to talk with the commissioners on Tuesday, Nov. at the Bradford Academy building, according to Bridget Simmons, the commission’s office manager. Commissioner Lunnie Lang was absent, according to Simmons.

Nutting said the board stopped fluoridation largely as a practical matter in the spring when replacement of one of the system’s two pump houses necessitated a shutdown of the pump that added the fluoride . “ They’re upset because we didn’t go to them in the first place,” Nutting said of the dentists.

Anti-fluoride activists want to take fluoride out of every community’s drinking water because they are certain it is harmful. Today opponents rarely argue that fluoridation is a communist plot, as they once did.

They contend that this public health practice is an infringement on individual freedoms and, despite the assurances of health organizations, that it is dangerous.

And yet – despite the science – the big dental associations in the U. and other countries continue to push it as safe and effective.

Health experts are calling for a moratorium on water fluoridation, claiming that the benefits of such schemes, as opposed to those of topical fluoride (directly applied to the teeth), are unproved.

‘This new research reinforces what we have known for a long time regarding the benefits that fluoride can have on children’s teeth, while also emphasising the fact that fluoridation has no negative impact on general health,’ chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter OBE said.‘Currently only around 12% of the UK population live in areas that have fluoridated water and the NHS has to pick up the burden when it comes to the consequences to our teeth, I can speak from personal experience having practised for many years on the borders of fluoridated Birmingham and the then non-fluoridated Sandwell.


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“The fat debate [whereby fat used to be the big enemy in food before that was revised] is an example of evidence getting built up to support a theory.Actually, Israel is the latest nation to completely halt water fluoridation, mandatory and voluntary.Fluoridation ranks with GMO’s, chemically tainted toxic foods, and vaccinations as crimes against humanity.Currently six million people live in areas of the UK where fluoride is added to tap water, with an additional one million people living in areas with natural levels of fluoridated water.

A decision by Bradford Water and Sewer Commission officials to stop fluoridating the public water supply — after doing so for more than three decades — has prompted strong opposition from an Upper Valley dentist who wonders why the five-member water board did not seek medical advice before making that move.

*** Stephen Peckham, director and professor of health policy at Kent University’s centre for health service studies, said: “Water fluoridation was implemented before statistics had been compiled on its safety or effectiveness.