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But Romanian women did not simply accept their fate.

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'Wow I want a raven, a woman named Lizzie added, and Laura Matheny simply quoted Poe's poem when she wrote: 'Nevermore.' Many others were so inspired by the image that they posted their own Poe-style poems in the comments section.

'Doomed to ride the train they are / To every station near and far / Never to step out the door / Until the train runs nevermore,' Trevor S. Eric Millikin added: 'Once upon a subway dreary, while I pondered with my Raven near me, Over many a quaint and curious bag of groceries from the store...'Meanwhile, someone named Alan imagined an attendant meeting her on the subway platform to tell her she couldn't bring the bird on again. ' the attendant replies, 'Nevermore.'Another person known as Threadmiser thought of a very specific reason why she had the bird, commenting: 'I want that to be her emotional support animal.

Unsurprisingly, many people have dubbed her 'goth goals', while others were immediately reminded of the famous Edgar Allen Poe poem, The Raven.

'Awww a raven in its natural habitat with a pet goth,' Pull Up Hop Out Air Out commented on the image.

although the connection between two names within the DCU has not been fully explained.

In a story titled 'Cityscape' in Batman Chronicles No.

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One of the three pubs in the village is known as the "Cuckoo Bush Inn".

Cuckoo Bush Mound is the alleged site for the tale of the Wise Men of Gotham's attempt at fencing in the cuckoo, but is actually a Neolithic burial mound.