Colton haynes and holland roden dating

16-Nov-2017 07:28

Colton Haynes — Colton is also no stranger to dating rumors, and has been said to be a compulsive co-star dater.

Colton and Holland were constantly confronted about being in a relationship, and instead of shying away from the topic, the two joked about their hot romance. Tyler Posey — We guess Holland figured she might as well continue the streak.

next month — and when they do, you’ll see them in a relationship.

The decision to make Jackson is something showrunner Jeff Davis made years ago.

Even though Tyler and Holland have been accused of having quite some chemistry, the relationship rumors — at least for now — are solely speculation. Max Carver — Max and Holland have been dating for a little over a year now.

Thankfully, Max’s character left the show after Season 3 (RIP), so if things were to turn sour for the couple, we can rest assured knowing it won’t add any outside drama to our fave show.

“I thought, if Jackson comes back, he’s coming back in a relationship with a guy,” he told EW.

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But instead of confirming the affair they joked about their hot romance, and the series fandom linked them until Colton took hiatus from the show. “He likes pasta, so I would say Dylan was, like, the Italian guy,” she said. O’Brien seems to be the Italian food lover of the cast.Holland and Max Carver were co-stars in the Television series “Teen Wolf, started” and this association soon began to flourish, and they started dating each other in 2014.

They then began sharing pictures via Instagram leaving many of their fans wondering about their relationship off the camera. While the episode won’t air until the end of September, EW has a first look at the final episode and it’s already giving us some feels.