Build an instantly updating dynamic website with jquery ajax

05-Jan-2018 00:37

j Query is a fast, lightweight, open source Java Script library designed to simplify manipulating HTML pages and Ajax interactions.When used together, they form a powerful foundation for rapidly developing usable Web sites and applications.It's only 41 lines with some blanks in there for readability.

build an instantly updating dynamic website with jquery ajax-8

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But I couldn't get the row-results and number of rows from the success:function(). this what i have tried to just print a single row of the table.

The focus at Pusher, for example, is to let you concentrate on building your real-time Web applications by offering a hosted API which makes it quick and easy to add scalable real-time functionality to Web and mobile apps.

In this tutorial, I’ll show how to convert a basic blog commenting system into a real-time engaging experience where you’ll see a comment made in one browser window “magically” appear in a second window.

It assumes that you have both Code Igniter version 1.7.2 or later and My SQL version 4.1 or later installed, and that you have a good working knowledge of both.

In addition, you need the j Query library version 1.4.2 or later.

But it didn't work :( :( I am also new to jquery and I am stucked with the multiple lines I am using this code in the file: while($row = mysql_fetch_row($result)) echo json_encode($table_data); ---- and the closest thing I managed to get was only one result displayed in the "client.php".