Accommodating employees

17-Oct-2017 08:33

Accessibility is much more, and it requires looking at how programs, services, and activities are delivered.Are there policies or procedures that prevent someone with a disability from participating (such as a rule that says “no animals allowed,” which excludes blind people who use guide dogs)?Correctly classify temporary workers Incorrectly classifying employees as temporary workers can be a costly mistake.If a court decides they’re really regular employees, you’ll have to give them the benefits they would have received if they had been classified correctly.First, if supervisors, managers, and HR professionals have formal policies and procedures to refer to, they are more likely to handle accommodation requests properly and consistently.

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The typical contract with a staffing firm specifies which entity provides workers’ comp insurance for temporary employees. Otherwise your state’s law might allow an injured temporary worker to sue your company for negligence and collect much more than workers’ comp would allow.

Employers are encouraged to contact JAN to discuss specific situations in more detail.

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